Apple tests new M2 chip’s performance, ahead of its expected launch on March 8, 2022

One of the biggest revelations expected at the upcoming “Peek Performance” March 8 event is the introduction of the new M2 chip in the upcoming 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. 

Interestingly, ahead of the event, a developer source informed Mark Gurman from Bloomberg that the tech giant has been testing the new Apple Silicon with the same configuration as the reported M2 chip. As the first upgrade of M1 Apple Silicon, the next-generation M2 chip is rumored to be more powerful in spite of the same number of CPU and GPU cores. 

Apple M2 chip - MacBook Pro

Apple tests the new M2 chip on Macs running on macOS 12.3 and future macOS 12.4 updates 

Reportedly, the upcoming M2 chip is produced by TSMC and is built on a 4nm process and unlike the A-series chips used in iPhones, the M-series Apple Silicon for Macs will be upgraded every 18 months. Another leaker claimed that the new chip will feature the same number of CPU cores as the M1 chip but up to 10 GPU cores for enhanced performance. 

Apple silicon- macOS 12.3

Gurman corroborates that claim of the M2 chip’s configuration and says that it was tested on three Macs: one running on an upcoming macOS 12.3 update and two on future macOS 12.4 build expected to launch at WWDC 2022 event in June. 

I’m told from a developer source that Apple has been testing multiple Macs with a new chip in recent weeks that includes an eight-core CPU (four efficiency cores and four high-performance cores) and 10 GPU cores. Those are exactly the specifications of the M2 chip I detailed last year.

Apple has been testing this new chip on machines running macOS 12.3 (which should be released in the next week or two and run on the new Macs) and a future macOS 12.4, as well as macOS 13, which will be previewed in June at WWDC 2022.

The M1 chip features an 8-core CPU (four high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores), up to 8 core GPU and the Mac models on the M1 Apple Silicon have received great reviews for their incredible performance and power consumption. 

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