Apple to introduce Calculator app for iPad with iPadOS 18

The future of iPadOS 18 brings exciting news for iPad users: the possible arrival of a native Calculator app. For over a decade, iPads have lacked this seemingly basic functionality, leaving users to find workarounds with third-party apps. With iPadOS 18, Apple might finally be addressing this long-standing request and integrating a Calculator app directly into the operating system.


For years, one of the most surprising shortcomings of the iPad has been the lack of a built-in Calculator app. This seemingly basic functionality has been strangely absent, forcing users to navigate a landscape of third-party options. These alternatives often come with frustrating limitations. Some are cluttered with intrusive ads that disrupt your workflow, while others simply don’t integrate well with the overall iPadOS experience. Their interfaces can feel clunky and out of place, lacking the polish and intuitive design that Apple users have come to expect. This has led to a persistent feeling of workarounds and compromises for even the most basic calculations.

According to a report from MacRumors, Apple is planning to introduce its native Calculator app in iPadOS 18, which is expected to be unveiled during the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10th. This news comes after over 14 years since the launch of the first iPad.

The potential improvements to the Calculator app extend beyond iPads, hinting at a broader focus from Apple. Rumors suggest macOS 15 might also see a significant revamp, including a redesigned interface and integration with the Notes app. Imagine jotting down recipe notes and seamlessly calculating conversions or measurements within Notes itself—a major workflow improvement for students, researchers, and anyone who relies on both note-taking and calculations.

Additionally, a valuable “history tape” feature for macOS 15 is speculated, allowing users to easily review past calculations – a valuable tool for checking their work. Improved unit conversion capabilities are also possible, making working with different measurement systems even easier.

For iPadOS 18 specifically, the Calculator app might cater to the tablet’s unique strengths. A resizable window could offer multitasking flexibility, while integration with other apps would allow seamless transfer of calculated results. Finally, a refreshed design that aligns with the overall iPadOS aesthetic seems likely, ensuring a cohesive experience.

With WWDC 2024 scheduled for June 10th, Apple is expected to provide more details about iPadOS 18 and the new Calculator app. Until then, users can look forward to a more integrated and user-friendly experience on their iPads.

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