Apple to migrate towards AMD chips?

Apple has been using Intel chips these days in their notebooks and desktop based Macs, but we might reconsider this now as Apple is sort of falling in love with AMD these days.

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AppleInsider has posted that there have been reports of AMD representatives holding meetings with Apple so should we expect new products from Apple in the near future hosting AMD’s chips? Apple has developed interest in AMD due to a few reasons, mainly because it has an edge over Intel in a few areas especially price.

Apple is for sure exploring AMD’s chips and testing them out in their labs and we should expect some cool new gadgets from Apple in the near future. Having AMD and Intel both as an option would really provide good competition in the market. Although Intel has been a good provider of processors and graphics to Apple but quite frankly it has slowed down Apple’s progress somewhat, slowly migrating towards Nvidia and blessing everyone with some decent graphics and before that making people bang their heads on the table with Intel’s not-so-good graphics solutions.

Now that ATi is a part of AMD, in other words, if Apple does migrate to AMD, then we’ll for sure be seeing some decent graphics and processor combinations right out of the box. AMD really does offer cheap and good graphics solutions coupled with their processors. That saves quite a lot of cash for Apple and the consumer itself. Let’s hope we see something really amazing from Apple related to AMD in the future. Apple no doubt comes up with great and awesome gadgets, and AMD won’t be an exception for sure.

[via AppleInsider]