Apple TV+ to premiere “Puffins Impossible” starring Johnny Depp

 A new kids’ animated series “Puffins Impossible” will air on Apple TV+. An adaptation of “Puffin”, the new series will have 18-episodes and stars veteran Hollywood star as the voice of Johhny Puff.

Currently, in production in Serbia, the upcoming “Puffins Impossible” is created by Andrea Iervolino and Monica Bacardi’s ILBE outfit and Peter Nalli is its showrunner.  The new series is scheduled to debut on Amazon Prime Video as well.

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Apple TV+ new action animated series “Puffins Impossible” follows the adventures of cute arctic birds with superpowers

According to Variety, the upcoming “Puffins Impossible” is an action-adventure version of the original short-form series “Puffins,” which follows a group of arctic birds and their leader Johhny Puff, voiced by Johnny Depp. In the new series, Johhny Puff is a ninja with superhero companions.

In “Puffins Impossible,” the lives of puffins Johnny Puff, Didi, Pie, Tic and Tac are disrupted when a meteor lands, which leads them to gain superpowers. Led by Johnny Puff, they morph into Tactik, Didi Damage, Megapie and Mystic — a unified superhero team. Just like in “Puffins,” positive themes of gender and race equality and environmental protection are weaved into the narrative.

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In a statement, Depp said that the witty and educational message of the new series is for all ages.

“‘Puffins Impossible’ is a great story for all ages, witty and educational,” said Depp in a statement, noting that he hoped this spinoff will repeat the global success of “Puffins.”

“The work that has been done in just one year is simply amazing; I’m delighted with the creativity of people from Serbia,” added Depp. “Puffins Impossible” is the first animated series produced in the Republic of Serbia.

The growing library of Apple Originals includes a variety of intriguing kids’ slates. Recently, Apple TV+ announced a new “kids’ changemakers initiative” in partnership with world-renowned education leaders and creative storytellers to produce enriching and inspiring original stories for kids.

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