Apple unveils HomePod 17.4 with improvements to Siri’s functionality

Apple recently released HomePod 17.4, a seemingly minor update that packs a big punch for music lovers. This update focuses on improving Siri’s functionality on the HomePod and HomePod mini, specifically in how it handles your music preferences.

HomePod 17

HomePod 17.4 brings advanced music capabilities and enhanced performance

Previously, interacting with Siri on your HomePod involved some extra steps. If you wanted to play music, podcasts, or audiobooks, you had to either set a default service in the Home app or explicitly mention the app name in your request.

For example, instead of a simple “Hey Siri, play some jazz,” you might have had to say “Hey Siri, play jazz on Apple Music.” This could be cumbersome and disrupt the natural flow of using your HomePod.

HomePod 17 Siri

HomePod 17.4 changes the game entirely. Siri is now able to learn your preferred music streaming service, podcast app, and audiobook app. This means no more specifying app names or fiddling with default settings.

This update offers several advantages:

  • Convenience: It streamlines the entire process of interacting with your HomePod. You can simply ask for music, podcasts, or audiobooks without worrying about which app to use.
  • Personalization: Siri caters to your individual preferences. If you’re a die-hard Spotify user, Siri will pick up on that and use Spotify for playback, even if Apple Music is the default service on your other devices.
  • Improved Accuracy: Over time, Siri will get better at understanding your preferences. The more you use your HomePod, the more accurate its predictions will become.

But the improvements don’t stop there. HomePod 17.4 also enhances the speaker’s overall performance, with optimizations designed to deliver clearer, more immersive sound.

Whether you’re listening to your favorite tracks, catching up on podcasts, or tuning into the latest news, the HomePod promises to deliver an unparalleled audio experience that fills the room with rich, dynamic sound.

Overall, this update streamlines the process of using Siri on your HomePod to play media. It brings the HomePod in line with iPhones and iPads where Siri learns your preference after your initial selection.

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