Apple’s countersuit against Ericsson will be heard a month after Ericsson v. Apple

Apple and Ericsson’s patent dispute continues. Recently, a Texas Judge settled on a court date of June 2023 for Ericsson’s patent infringement case against Apple to go to trial. Today, it was revealed that Apple’s countersuit, accusing the Swedish firm of infringing on its patents, will be heard the following month, in July.

Court sets date for Apple v. Ericsson

Court sets date for Apple v. Ericsson

As reported by Foss Patents:

A couple of days ago, it became known that Judge Rodney Gilstrap scheduled an Ericsson v. Apple FRAND trial in the Eastern District of Texas for June 2023. That scheduling order did not make it seem too likely that Ericsson’s case would be dismissed for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction despite Apple’s motion. […]

On Thursday, Judge Gilstrap also entered a routine scheduling order in Apple v. Ericsson (FRAND countersuit) according to which that trial would start on July 10, i.e., shortly after the Ericsson v. Apple trial, which starts in early June, would presumably conclude

This schedule will make it difficult for Apple to get Ericsson’s case dismissed since both firms will have time to prepare for a full-on court battle next year. Both parties will be required to find witnesses, evidence, and more for the court. On March 16, a scheduling conference will be held between Apple and Ericsson’s attorneys but that appears to be related to procedural matters.


In addition, Ericsson has made some procedural progress in its attempt to have an import ban imposed on Apple. The U.S. International Trade Commission has instituted probes into some of Ericsson’s complaints against the Cupertino tech giant.

There is also some procedural progress in Washington, D.C. at the United States International Trade Commission (“USITC” or just “ITC”). As I expected two days ago, the ITC instituted investigations of Ericsson’s three ITC complaints (U.S. import ban requests) against Apple.

Apple has also filed an ITC complaint against the Swedish firm seeking an import ban on Ericsson base stations. It is likely that the USITC will soon investigate Apple’s claims against Ericsson.

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