Belkin accessory expands Apple Vision Pro’s practicality with secure battery clip

With the release of the Apple Vision Pro around the corner, accessory manufacturer Belkin is set to address a potential inconvenience for users: the storage of the headset’s external battery pack.

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Apple Vision Pro external battery storage issue solved by Belkin

The Apple Vision Pro reportedly weighs between 1 and 1.5 pounds. However, to reduce the headset’s weight, Apple engineers opted for an external battery that connects magnetically to the device. While this design choice significantly lightens the load on the user’s head, it presents the challenge of where to store the detachable puck-shaped battery.

According to a new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Belkin has designed a clip accessory that allows users to securely fasten the headset’s battery to their clothing, eliminating the need for pockets or bags.

When Apple knows it needs a certain accessory but doesn’t want to create it in-house, the company has a tried-and-true method: hitting up Belkin. That supplier has made Apple accessories for decades and was acquired by a Foxconn Technology Group subsidiary in 2018. Foxconn, of course, is Apple’s main manufacturing partner.

So it’s no surprise that Belkin is making a key accessory for Apple’s latest device, the Vision Pro. The supplier is creating a clip for the headset’s external battery pack — helpful for users who want to take the Vision Pro on the go but don’t have a pocket or bag to put the battery in.

Belkin, I’m told, will begin selling the clip alongside the Vision Pro when the headset debuts next month. Apple stores will stock the item — and, so far, it appears to be one of the only authorized accessories that will be available as early as launch day. You can bet others will follow suit in the near future, though.

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This clip offers a solution to the design challenge of securing the external battery and enhances the overall practicality and mobility of the Apple Vision Pro headset. As the device requires a constant connection to its battery pack for functionality, the clip ensures that users can effortlessly carry the power source without compromising convenience.

Belkin’s clip accessory is expected to be available for purchase alongside the Vision Pro’s launch on February 2, both online and in Apple retail stores.

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