Rumor claims Apple Vision Pro will launch on January 27

The highly anticipated release of Apple’s mixed-reality Vision Pro headset is the subject of a new rumor, suggesting it could be launched in the last week of January.

In this article, we’ll explore the latest information from various sources, shedding light on the potential release date, production details, and retail availability of Apple’s innovative VR headset.

Apple Vision Pro

Vision Pro mass production hints at January shipments, late store debut

The latest report from Wall Street News, a Chinese investor news service, suggests that the Vision Pro headset is slated to launch on January 27 in the United States. However, skepticism surrounds this claim due to Apple’s historical preference for launching products on weekdays. Analysts propose a more likely date of January 26, aligning with Apple’s tradition of Friday launches.

Breaking its usual tradition, Apple’s upcoming launch might stray into the weekend, raising questions about its typical weekday strategy for maximizing media and market buzz. The tech giant’s silence on the specific launch date adds an air of mystery. Still, credible analysts, including Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman, place the release in late January or early February.

Vision Pro

Ming-Chi Kuo recently provided insight into the production status, revealing that the Vision Pro headset is currently in mass production, with shipments expected to commence in the first week of January. Despite this, consumers may need to wait until late January or early February to see the device on store shelves. Bloomberg’s report aligns with Kuo’s information, emphasizing that production is at “full speed” in China.

Apple’s retail strategy for the Vision Pro involves sending two staff members from each store to Cupertino for a two-day training session in January. This training aims to equip employees with the knowledge required to sell and assist customers with the new VR headset. Customers are expected to make appointments for device pickup, ensuring a personalized and tailored experience.

Apple Vision Pro

Initial reports suggest that the Vision Pro headset will be exclusively available in Apple Store locations, reinforcing Apple’s commitment to a controlled and specialized launch. Buyers will be required to schedule appointments for device pickup, allowing Apple employees to ensure the proper fit of the headset.

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