Apple Vision Pro’s virtual keyboard facing issues ahead of launch

Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro is set to hit the shelves on February 2, ushering in a new era of immersive experiences and blending virtual and real-world interactions. This VR headset, designed for iOS compatibility, promises to revolutionize the way we engage with technology. However, recent reports suggest that the much-touted virtual keyboard feature might not be as seamless as initially anticipated.

Vision Pro

Gurman raises red flags About Apple Vision Pro’s typing experience

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has raised concerns about the effectiveness of the virtual keyboard integrated into the Vision Pro. Initially showcased as a futuristic typing solution during the product announcement, Gurman points out that the keyboard falls short of expectations. Users are required to poke each key individually, reminiscent of the traditional typing method. The lack of in-air typing, a feature initially hinted at, has disappointed some early reviewers.

The Vision Pro virtual keyboard is a complete write-off at least in 1.0. You have to poke each key one finger at a time like you did before you learned how to type. There is no magical in-air typing. You can also look at a character and pinch. You’ll want a Bluetooth keyboard.

Gurman suggests that the virtual keyboard might not make it to the launch version, citing functionality issues and a subpar typing experience. He recommends opting for a real Bluetooth keyboard for a more efficient and frustration-free typing experience.

Vision Pro keyboard

As the Vision Pro reaches the hands of reviewers, Engadget and The Verge provide detailed insights into the user experience. Dana Wollman and Cherlynn Low of Engadget noted discomfort issues with the headset’s initial strap design, but adjustments improved weight distribution and comfort. The floating keyboard, although clunky, worked fairly well for short phrases. However, Wollman found it unsuitable for extended use, emphasizing the need for improvement.

Victoria Song from The Verge shared a similar sentiment, praising the device’s overall performance but highlighting the clunkiness of the virtual keyboard. The immersive video and Spatial Video clips received positive reviews, offering a glimpse into the potential applications of the Vision Pro beyond typing.

Despite concerns about the virtual keyboard and some discomfort issues, both Engadget and The Verge acknowledged the Vision Pro’s potential as a groundbreaking AR/VR headset. Engadget’s Low expressed admiration for the device’s eye and hand tracking capabilities but remained skeptical about spending extended periods wearing the headset.

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