visionOS 2 announced – Travel Mode, Mac Virtual Display upgrade and more

Apple has officially announced visionOS 2 at WWDC 2024, introducing several notable improvements and new features to enhance user experience with Apple Vision Pro.

visionOS 2

visionOS 2 features

Enhanced Mac Virtual Display

The update includes significant improvements to the Mac Virtual Display feature, allowing users to seamlessly extend their Mac desktop to the Apple Vision Pro.

This functionality provides a more immersive and expansive workspace, enabling users to view and interact with their Mac applications and content directly within the Vision Pro’s augmented reality environment. This can be particularly useful for multitasking and enhancing productivity.


Travel mode

A new Travel Mode has been introduced, optimizing the Vision Pro for use during travel. This mode adjusts the device’s settings to minimize disruptions and ensure better performance while on the go.

It’s designed to be particularly beneficial for use in environments like airplanes or trains, where stable performance and comfort are crucial. This feature makes the Vision Pro a more versatile tool for frequent travelers.

Improved app interactions and customization

visionOS 2 brings enhanced interactions with apps, allowing for more intuitive and responsive control. This includes refined gestures and voice commands that make navigating and managing apps smoother and more efficient.

Additionally, users will find more customization options, enabling them to tailor the interface to their personal preferences and workflows.

Security and privacy enhancements

Security and privacy remain a top priority with visionOS 2. Apple has introduced several new features to protect user data and ensure secure interactions within the Vision Pro environment.

These include advanced encryption methods and enhanced privacy controls, giving users greater confidence in the safety of their information while using augmented reality applications.

Developer tools and API updates

Developers are also receiving new tools and API updates with visionOS 2, providing them with more capabilities to create innovative and engaging applications for Vision Pro.

These updates aim to foster a richer ecosystem of apps that can take full advantage of the Vision Pro’s advanced hardware and software features.


With enhanced productivity features, improved travel support, and robust security measures, this update is poised to elevate the user experience and expand the potential applications for augmented reality technology.

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