Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring could be the next big thing for Apple Watch

Apple has long been known for its innovative technology, particularly when it comes to wearables. The Apple Watch, in particular, has become a popular device for tracking fitness, monitoring heart rate, and receiving notifications. However, the company is now working on a new moonshot technology for wearables that could revolutionize the way people manage their health: non-invasive blood glucose monitoring.

Apple Watch blood glucose monitoring

Apple working toward blood glucose monitoring for its wearable platform

According to Mark Gurman’s “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, Apple has been working on this technology for over a decade. While it has reached a stage where it has been proven to be viable, it will take another three to seven years to perfect the algorithms and onboard sensors to make it small enough to fit into the Apple Watch.

Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring would be a game-changer for people with diabetes, who currently have to prick their fingers several times a day to check their blood sugar levels. By using sensors to measure glucose levels in the blood without requiring a blood sample, the technology could make it easier and more convenient for people to manage their diabetes.

Apple’s current prototype is still too large for practical use, but engineers are working on shrinking it down to the size of a module that can fit into the Apple Watch. This requires the development of a silicon photonics chip and other onboard sensors that can accurately measure glucose levels without causing discomfort to the wearer.

Apple Watch blood sugar measurement app

While the technology is still a few years away from being available to consumers, it has the potential to transform the healthcare industry. With the rise of wearable technology, there is a growing demand for devices that can monitor health conditions in real-time. Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring could be just the beginning of a new wave of wearable health tech that could help people manage chronic conditions more effectively.

Apple is not the only company working on non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. Other tech giants, such as Google and Amazon, are also exploring the potential of this technology. However, Apple’s focus on creating a device that is small enough to fit into the Apple Watch could give it an edge over its competitors.

Overall, the development of non-invasive blood glucose monitoring is an exciting advancement in wearable technology. While it may take several more years for the technology to be perfected and integrated into the Apple Watch, it has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of people with diabetes and other chronic conditions.

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