Next-gen Apple Watches to match watch faces with users’ bands and clothes

According to a new patent filed by Apple, the tech giant is working on integrating color sampling sensors into forthcoming Apple Watch models. As outlined in a recently granted patent titled “Electronic Devices with Color Sampling Sensors,” the functionality suggests that future Apple Watch faces could have the ability to seamlessly match to the colors of the wearer’s clothing and band selection.

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Apple’s approach to matching Apple Watch bands and faces

The patent illustrates a mechanism where light sensors positioned beneath the Apple Watch display could discern the color of external objects. This data could then be employed to align the background color of the active watch face with the hues present in the user’s clothing and chosen band.

By utilizing optical sensors, such as cameras, proximity sensors, ambient light sensors, and more, the Apple Watch could emit specific sequences of red, green, and blue light toward an external object and gauge the reflectance levels of each RGB color. The gathered data would then be processed by the watch’s control circuitry, which would employ algorithms tailored to watch band colors and clothing within specific color gamuts. 

“The watch-band-specific algorithm may be used to map different sensor readings to different watch band colors from a predetermined list of watch band colors,” it says. “[Then the] clothing-specific algorithm may be used to map sensor readings to any color within a color gamut.”

This process would conclude with the watch face background adopting a color that coordinates with the wearer’s attire. “[Control] circuitry may display the color on the display so that the face of the watch matches the user’s clothing or matches the user’s watch band,” the patent continues. “The control circuitry may apply constraints to map measured colors to acceptable display colors that meet desired criteria.”

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It’s important to note that the implementation of technologies and features described in patents isn’t always guaranteed, and their appearance in actual products could take time if they ever materialize. However, this patent illuminates Apple’s rigorous pursuit of innovation, even extending to the external look of its flagship smartwatch.

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