Apple’s New ‘Why iPhone’ Campaign Page Goes Live

Apple has launched a new campaign page on their website titled ‘Why iPhone’. The page itself begins with the title ‘Why there’s nothing quite like iPhone.’ and goes on to list the top features and benefits of using an iPhone over any competitor’s offerings. And as we all know, the competitor not mentioned on the page is Android.

Apple’s New ‘Why iPhone’ Campaign Page Goes Live

Apple goes on to explain their belief behind the design and development of the iPhone and how they make the software and hardware to compliment each other. The listed features and benefits include the following, in the same order:

  • Camera
  • App Store and the review process
  • Security (malware protection)
  • Maps (strage as they do not work in many parts of the world)
  • TouchID
  • Apple Pay
  • iMessage and FaceTime
  • HealthKit and HomeKit
  • Accessibility
  • Apple Support and Stores

The page ends with the below which leads you to either the Apple Store, Switch to iPhone page ( aimed at Android users ) or the iPhone 6 page.

Apple’s New ‘Why iPhone’ Campaign Page Goes Live 2

The parallax scrolling web page has some nice animations and is worth going through even if you already own an iPhone. Check out the page here.

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