Apps for Windows: Silverlight 3 TED Video Player

TED is one of the most fascinating annual conferences in the world. The videos from the conference always have something different and interesting. The new Silverlight 3 TED Video Player by Thirteen 23 lets you watch TED videos right from the comfort of your desktop. It is a Silverlight 3 out of browser application therefore available for both platforms.

The application is very easy to use. You can search for TED talks, see the newest and popular ones as well as the jaw-dropping ones. Although it doesn’t have the ‘Resize’ filters that the TED website itself has, but it helps you find the video you’re looking for. The video player isn’t the same as the one on TED website, but it’s really clean and simple with a timeline, play/pause button and volume control. You can also skip to any particular time on the timeline.

It’s a joy to watch interesting TED Talks using this video player and it’s a must have if you follow TED too. Silverlight 3 TED Video Player -

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