Arlecchino guide – Best weapon, artifacts, and teams

Arlecchino, the fiery Fatui jester, has arrived in Genshin Impact. Leaks were mostly accurate, confirming her role as a scorching Pyro DPS character.

But how do you refine your Arlecchino to dominate the battlefield? Fear not, Travelers, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge to create the most fearsome Arlecchino possible.

Genshin-Impact Arlecchino-

Arlecchino wields Pyro as her element, focusing on dealing high Pyro damage. Her Elemental Skill, “Blood-Debt Directives,” marks enemies, converting her attacks to Pyro DMG upon reaching a threshold. With a powerful Elemental Burst that further enhances her Pyro prowess, Arlecchino is a force to be reckoned with.


Stats and artifacts

To maximize Arlecchino’s fiery fury, prioritize these key stats:

  • Critical rate (CRIT Rate): Boost the chance of landing critical hits for amplified damage.
  • Critical damage (CRIT DMG): Increase the damage dealt by critical hits for even more scorching strikes.
  • Attack (ATK): A core stat that contributes to all of Arlecchino’s damage output.
  • Pyro damage bonus: This stat directly enhances the damage of her Pyro attacks and reactions.
  • Elemental mastery (EM): If you plan to utilize Elemental Reactions like Vaporize or Melt, consider investing in some EM for an extra damage boost.
  • Energy recharge (ER): Ensure Arlecchino can unleash her Elemental Burst consistently by managing her energy recharge.

When it comes to Artifacts, two strong contenders emerge:

  • Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy (4-piece): New Artifact set that buffs her damage based on Bond of Life fluctuations, maximizing her unique mechanic.
  • 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale + 2-piece Crimson Witch of Flames: Flexible option for a good balance of ATK and Pyro DMG.


The best weapon for Arlecchino will depend on your playstyle and gacha luck. Here are some potential options:

  • Crimson Moon’s Semblance (New): Arlecchino’s signature weapon provides a high Crit Rate sub-stat and a powerful passive that increases her damage based on her Bond of Life mechanic. This weapon perfectly complements her Bond of Life mechanic and is the absolute best choice for maximizing her damage potential.
  • Primordial Jade Winged-Spear: The best in the slot for maximizing her damage potential.
    Staff of Homa: Another strong option with a good balance of ATK and Crit DMG.
  • Staff of Homa: Great option for additional crit damage.
  • Deathmatch (Battle Pass): Great low-spender choice with a focus on crit rate.
  • Other Polearms: Consider Deathmatch, Prospector’s Drill, or Blackcliff Pole for strong F2P alternatives.


Arlecchino is flexible and can fit into various teams. Here are some examples:

  • Vaporize Team: Pair her with Hydro characters like Yelan or Xingqiu to trigger Vaporize reactions for massive damage.
  • Melt Team: Combine her with Cryo characters like Ganyu or Ayaka to trigger Melt reactions for increased damage against enemies with high Physical RES.
  • Overload Team: Electro characters like Fischl or Beidou can create Overload reactions for additional crowd control and damage.
  • Shields and Healers: While Arlecchino can self-heal with her Burst, using a shield or healer like Zhongli or Bennett can improve survivability, especially against multiple enemies.

Additional Tips:

  • Prioritize leveling her Normal Attack talent for maximum damage output.
  • Learn to manage your Bond of Life meter to optimize damage and healing.
  • Practice her attack rotations to maximize uptime on her buffs.

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