Balatro set to launch on February 20th on both PC and Console

The poker-inspired roguelike deck builder, Balatro, is launching tomorrow, February 20th, for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


Balatro: Embrace permadeath and procedural generation

Balatro is a deckbuilding game that incorporates poker hand values and their synergies into the formula. You navigate procedurally generated dungeons, collecting and upgrading cards representing various poker ranks and suits. These cards form the foundation of your deck, allowing you to create powerful combinations based on classic poker hands like straights, flushes, and full houses.


Joker cards are not just regular cards in a deck, they also act as wildcards that can add special abilities and unpredictable elements to your strategy. These dynamic jokers offer unique powers that allow you to manipulate the community pot, sabotage opponents, or unleash devastating attacks. With Joker cards, you can take your game to the next level.

balatro Joker

As a true roguelike, Balatro embraces permadeath and procedural generation. Each run throws fresh challenges your way, with new enemies, environments, and card pools ensuring a constantly evolving experience. You learn from your failures, refine your deckbuilding strategies, and discover hidden synergies as you progress further into the depths of the game.

Beyond the excitement of crafting winning poker hands, Balatro demands strategic thinking. Carefully planning your deck composition, anticipating enemy moves, and utilizing the diverse powers of different cards are crucial for success. You choose whether to prioritize raw power, focus on manipulating the pot for tactical advantage, or rely on cunning jokers to disrupt your opponents.

Balatro boasts a wealth of features to keep you engaged:

  • Over 100 unique cards: Experiment with diverse card combinations and unleash devastating synergies.
  • Multiple difficulty levels: Challenge yourself with progressively tougher foes and devious card pools.
  • Unique bosses: Each run culminates in a thrilling showdown against a formidable boss with distinct mechanics.
  • Engaging story: Unravel the mysteries of the world as you progress through the campaign.
  • Enticing cosmetics: Customize your experience with unlockable card skins and avatars.

A free PC demo is available on Steam, offering a glimpse into the core gameplay loop and the strategic depth Balatro presents.

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