Banana TV App Brings iOS To Mac Photo & Video Streaming [VIDEO]

We all pretty much know AirPlay can help us stream videos and photos from any Apple handheld i.e iPhone, iPod touch, or an iPad to an Apple TV in order to share them with our friends and family on a big screen TV. But what if we don’t have an Apple TV and would rather like to stream our videos or photos to our Macbook Pro or an iMac’s brilliant LED? The answer is, get the new Banana TV app. With it, you can even turn your Mac Mini plugged into your big screen High-Def TV into a complete media center solution, no Apple TV required!


To use the software, customers launch Banana TV on a Mac, and within moments, the Mac appears as a valid target for AirPlay sharing on iOS devices within the same Wi-Fi network. It’s that simple to enable a Mac to wirelessly showcase the latest music video that you cut in iMovie on your iPad, or the photos you took of your trip to Hawaii using your iPhone 4.

Banana TV can be downloaded and installed on any Mac OS computer, be it a Macbook Pro / Macbook Air or 27″ iMac. What Banana TV actually does is that it makes your iPhone / iPod touch or iPad believe that the computer is a valid AirPlay sharing device to which it can stream content using the iOS built-in AirPlay feature. Any AirPlay supported app can stream content to Banana TV running on your Mac OS computer.

You can download Banana TV for $7.99 from their official website and start streaming photos and videos to your Mac OS computer in no time.

Note: Your iOS device must be running iOS 4.2 or higher to support AirPlay.

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