Basic Apple Guy’s new Van Gogh wallpaper collection for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Basic Apple Guy – an Apple enthusiast and digital artist – has released a new series of stunning wallpapers that combine Apple’s iconic operating system images with the artistic style of Vincent Van Gogh. This comes after the positive reception of his first wallpaper design, “Big Starry Sur,” which featured the Big Sur wallpaper in the style of Van Gogh’s famous painting, The Starry Night.

Apple x Van Gogh

Van Gogh, AI-generated wallpapers: a unique blend of timeless art and modern tech

The latest collection includes four new designs: Big Sur Take II, The Starry Mountain Lion, Wheat Field with El Capitan, and Lion with Cypresses. Basic Apple Guy used Midjourney AI to create all of the new wallpapers, using Van Gogh’s Wheatfield series for Big Sur Take II and Wheat Field with El Capitan. For The Starry Mountain Lion, he used The Starry Night, and for Lion with Cypresses, he combined both Wheat Field and The Starry Night.

In addition to the beautiful designs, Basic Apple Guy also shares some background on Vincent Van Gogh, including the fact that he only sold one painting during his lifetime and it wasn’t until after his death that his work gained recognition and admiration.

Van Gogh

The wallpapers are available for download for free from Basic Apple Guy’s website, and he also includes a tip jar for those who appreciate his work and want to support it.

Van Gogh

The response to Basic Apple Guy’s first wallpaper design was overwhelming, with hundreds of people messaging him for a link and Google Drive temporarily stopping access due to the surge in downloads. This inspired him to create a new collection, and the results are truly stunning.

In early March, I posted a photo on social media titled ‘macOS Big Sur in the style of Van Gogh’s Starry Night’ an AI-generated mashup of macOS Big Sur’s default wallpaper attempted in the art style of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. Not being hyperbolic, the wallpaper exploded in popularity. Hundreds messaged me for a link, and when I uploaded it onto Google Drive, the surge to download it was so enormous that Google stopped access to the drive for several hours. It wasn’t till the following day that I could finally host it on my webspace and provide a reliable link for people to download it.

Van Gogh

The combination of Apple’s sleek and modern aesthetic with Van Gogh’s timeless art style creates a unique and captivating fusion of technology and art. The wallpapers are available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, making it easy to add a touch of artistic flair to your digital devices.

Overall, Basic Apple Guy’s new collection of wallpapers is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the beauty of both technology and art. The designs are not only visually stunning but also pay homage to one of the most influential artists in history.

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