Beond Airlines will offer Apple Vision Pro to select passengers

Beond Airlines, the epitome of luxury travel, is set to redefine the in-flight entertainment experience with its latest announcement: the introduction of Apple Vision Pro headsets for select passengers. This move underscores Beond’s commitment to providing unparalleled luxury and innovation in the skies.

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Beond Airlines integrates Vision Pro for a new travel experience

Beond Airlines, known for its exclusive business-class services and all-lay-flat seating, is poised to elevate the in-flight entertainment landscape by integrating cutting-edge Apple Vision Pro headsets. With this initiative, passengers will embark on a journey of immersive experiences, particularly highlighting the breathtaking destinations of the Maldives.

Tero Taskila, Chairman and CEO of Beond Airlines, expressed enthusiasm for this groundbreaking addition, emphasizing its transformative potential for the in-flight entertainment realm. By leveraging Apple’s state-of-the-art technology, Beond aims to curate an unparalleled travel experience, seamlessly blending luxury and innovation from takeoff to touchdown.

The Apple Vision Pro will transform the inflight entertainment experience, and we will be first to offer it to select passengers. In addition to our existing and ever-growing library of inflight content such as movies and games, Beond will showcase stunning resort destinations and activities in the Maldives. We are working now with partners in the Maldives to prepare truly amazing footage. The inflight experience will build anticipation for passengers before they arrive in the Maldives. Offering the Apple Vision Pro is another step in our vision of delivering a premium travel experience to our customers, from the start to finish of their journey. We’re proud to be the first airline to deploy the technology.

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While the Apple Vision Pro holds immense promise, it’s not without its challenges. Reports of motion sickness and tracking glitches have surfaced, prompting concerns about its suitability for in-flight use. Additionally, the headset’s limited battery life presents a logistical hurdle for longer flights. However, Beond remains undeterred, leveraging its innovative spirit to address these obstacles and deliver a seamless entertainment experience to its customers.

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