BeReal for iPhone adds support for Apple Music to “share what you are listening to”

The unique photo-sharing app, BeReal for iPhone has introduced integration with Apple Music so users can share what their favorite songs or podcasts with their family, friends, or followers around the globe.

To limit users’ screen time and yet stay connected with their loved ones, BeReal allows them to capture a photo once a day and share it with their friends, without any filters and effects and more. The app sends a notification to every user, every day to capture and post a BeReal (photo) within 2 minutes and see what others are up to.

Unlike traditional social media apps, BeReal is not about the number of followers and just focuses on creating real connections. The app has a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on the App Store. Its popularity has inspired Instagram to clone its functionality in new Candid Challenges.


Apple Music users can now add their audio player to their account on BeReal for iPhone

Previously, the app added support for Spotify audio player on iOS and Android. Now, it has expanded support for Apple Music to not share which songs they are listening to but also listen to the songs their friends are listening to.

After connecting Apple Music to their account, users’ BeReal is captured with an audio clip of the song they were listening to at the time of taking it. Photos with audio appear with an audio icon and users can tap on the audio icon to select which friends to share the audio with before posting it.

Apple Music - BeReal

To listen to the preview of what others are listing to, users need to tap on the audio icon and listen to the complete song in Apple Music or Spotify. 

Audio sharing is set to “Shared” by default to make it visible to users’ friends. However, privacy-conscious users can change it to Private (only visible to them) or Disabled (not to share what they are listening to). 

Apple Music - BeReal

Currently, only Apple Music is available to iOS users worldwide and Spotify is only available in select regions on the app. However, BeReal says that it will add more audio players and global access to Spotify soon. 

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