Best games to play on iPhone 15 Pro with A17 Pro

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 15 Pro powered by A17 Pro chip at the “Wonderlust” event. The A17 Pro is the most powerful mobile chip ever created built on a 3nm process. It offers significant performance and efficiency improvements over the previous generation’s A16 Bionic chip.

iPhone 15 Pro

The A17 Pro chip features a 6-core CPU with two high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores. It also has a 6-core GPU with ray tracing and mesh shading support. Together, ray tracing and mesh shading can be used to create stunningly realistic graphics that were not possible before.

  • Ray tracing: Ray tracing is a rendering technique that simulates the physical behavior of light to produce more realistic images. It is particularly effective for rendering complex scenes with many reflective and refractive surfaces. Ray tracing can be used to create more realistic lighting, reflections, shadows, and caustics.
  • Mesh shading: Mesh shading is a new GPU programming model that gives developers more flexibility and control over how geometry is processed. It can be used to improve performance, reduce memory usage, and create new visual effects. For example, mesh shading can be used to generate LODs (levels of detail) on the fly, which can improve performance in demanding scenes. It can also be used to create new visual effects, such as procedurally generated geometry and dynamic tessellation.

Furthermore, the A17 Pro is also equipped with a new 16-core Neural Engine for improved machine learning and artificial intelligence accuracy and performance.

iPhone 15 Pro

With all of these upgrades, the A17 Pro in iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max can handle even the most demanding mobile games with ease, and it can deliver high frame rates and resolutions at all times.

iPhone 15 Pro

Enjoy these games on your iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max with A17 Pro: Genshin Impact, Dead Cells, Minecraft, and others

YouTuber MrMacRight held a test to see which game runs well on iPhone 15 Pro with A17 Pro. Here are the 8 best games that stood out in performance and quality, including, Dragonheir: Silent Gods, Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, GRID Autosport, The Gardens Between, Dead Cells, Minecraft, and Farlight 84.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an open-world high-fantasy strategy RPG developed by SGRA Studio and published by Nuverse. In Dragonheir: Silent Gods, players take control of a team of over 200 heroes with unique abilities and attributes. They must explore the vast world of Adenthia, complete quests, and battle enemies to save the world from the Silent Gods.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods runs very well on an iPhone 15 Pro. With quality settings set to very high, it gets a constant 60 with no frame drops. Dragonheir: Silent Gods also supports both Metal 3 and Metal FX on the iPhone 15 Pro. This means that the game will be able to take advantage of the latest graphics features and technologies on Apple’s devices.

Dragonheir- Silent Gods on iPhone 15 Pro with A17 Pro

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game developed by miHoYo. The game is set on the continent of Teyvat, which is home to seven distinct nations, each with its own unique culture and elemental power. The player takes on the role of the Traveler, a mysterious stranger who has arrived in Teyvat in search of their lost sibling. Along the way, the Traveler meets a variety of characters and joins forces with them to explore Teyvat, uncover its secrets, and battle the forces of evil.

Genshin Impact runs pretty well on an iPhone 15 Pro. With quality settings set to high, it stays constant at 30 fps with minor dips. 60 fps is also possible with medium graphics settings. The highest graphics setting is playable as well, however, a 30 fps limit is recommended.

Genshin Impact on iPhone 15 Pro with A17 Pro

Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based space fantasy RPG developed by miHoYo. The game’s combat system is easy to learn but challenging to master. Players must carefully consider their team composition and attack strategy to defeat their opponents. The game also features various characters and weapons to collect, allowing players to create their unique playstyles.

Honkai: Star Rail runs extremely well and it has awesome graphics. The game gets an average frame rate of 60 fps even at the highest settings. However, if you play it for a long time you will experience a bit of fps drops.

Honkai- Star Rail on iPhone 15 Pro with A17 Pro

GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport is a racing video game developed by Codemasters and published by Feral Interactive. the game is a multi-disciplinary racing game, featuring a variety of different racing disciplines, including touring car racing, open-wheel racing, endurance racing, and drifting. The game features over 100 different cars to choose from, and over 100 different tracks to race on.

GRID Autosport performs pretty well on iPhone 15 Pro. With graphics settings, it gets a locked 30 fps while looking beautiful. 60 fps is also possible with performance settings while the game graphics look decent. 

GRID Autosport on iPhone 15 Pro with A17 Pro

The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between is a puzzle-adventure game developed by The Voxel Agents and published by Coatsink. The game is played from a third-person perspective, and the player controls Arina and Frendt as they explore the gardens. The puzzles in the game are based on manipulating time, and the player must use their knowledge of time to solve the puzzles and progress through the game.

The Gardens Between runs very smoothly on iPhone 15 Pro. At the highest graphics settings, the game looks beautiful and heartwarming while getting a constant 60 fps with no issue at all.

The Gardens Between on iPhone 15 Pro with A17 Pro

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a roguelite Metroidvania action-platformer game developed and published by Motion Twin. Dead Cells is known for its challenging gameplay, which features a variety of enemies, weapons, and items. The game also features a permadeath system, meaning that the player must start over from the beginning if they die.

Dead Cells runs very well on the iPhone 15 Pro. With high resolution, it gets a constant 60 with a little bit of fps drops. Since it uses upscaling for resolution, the game looks almost the same as the PC version which is pretty impressive.

Dead Cells on iPhone 15 Pro with A17 Pro


Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by Swedish game developer Markus Persson, known as Notch, and released by Mojang in November 2011. In Minecraft, players explore a procedurally-generated world made up of 1-meter-cubed blocks, representing various materials, such as dirt, stone, wood, and ores. Players can “mine” these materials to collect them, and then use them to build structures, tools, and other items.

Minecraft runs extremely well on the iPhone 15 Pro. At max graphics and render distance at 17 chunks the game gets around 55-60 constant fps. If you do try to explode a whole village with TNT bombs then it will drop the fps to 10 with no surprise Haha!

Minecraft on iPhone 15 Pro with A17 Pro

Farlight 84

Farlight 84 is a free-to-play battle royale video game developed by Miracle Games and published by NetEase. Farlight 84 features a unique gameplay mechanic that allows players to customize their characters with different abilities. These abilities can be used to give players an advantage in battle, such as the ability to jump higher, run faster, or heal themselves.

Without a doubt, the iPhone 15 Pro handles Farlight 84 perfectly. With graphic settings set to “Extreme” and anti-aliasing turned on, it gets over 120 fps with ease. You can enjoy this game with beautiful graphics without any issues.

Farlight 84 on iPhone 15 Pro with A17 Pro

The A17 Pro is the most powerful mobile chip ever created. It offers significant performance and efficiency improvements. The A17 Pro can handle even the most demanding tasks with ease, such as gaming, video editing, and augmented reality.

Have you tried any of these games on an iPhone 15 Pro with an A17 Pro chip? Let us know in the comments below. You can check out the full list in the video by MrMacRight below.

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