Boxee for Windows is the ultimate streaming Media Center

I recently got my invite for Boxee for Windows which is in a private testing. And so far I’m very impressed with it. Boxee gives you quick access to all major streaming media websites, through a very simple and intuitive interface that’s both fun and easy to use. Youtube, Hulu, CNN, and the likes are just at the reach of your fingertips. TV Shows, Music and photos are all accessible, both from the Internet and your local storage. You can even add RSS feeds for various media.

All your favorites and the media you watch are synced to your Boxee account. You can also setup Twitter so that all your favorite media or what you’re watching will update it. The great thing is that all media contains link to more information about it. You can just click on read more, and find out stuff you never knew about your favorite artist or movies. Boxee also supports just about every video and audio format you can throw at it as long as it’s DRM free.

My personal experience with Boxee has been awesome so far, and it has some features which Windows Media Center lacks, although they can be added with the help of various add ons (check Hack7MC), the experience still doesn’t match what Boxee offers. Boxee for Windows will be released in June and it gets a major thumbs up from me!

P.S. for those who are wondering, it runs fine on Windows 7

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