BREAKING: Skype for Android Now Available for All Users! (Not just Verizon anymore)

All Android users had been waiting for this news since a long time: Skype for Android is now available for every Android user. Previously, it was restricted to only Verizon users, just like Microsoft’s Bing app is which was totally ridiculous to be honest – it puts the ‘open’ness of Android to shame. But that’s in the past and the app can now be downloaded for free from Android Market. You can make free Skype-to-Skype calls (no matter PC, Mac, iPhone or Android etc) and chat with friends as well. Calls work over both WiFi and 3G but for US users, it’s WiFi only. And of course, you can buy Skype Credit to place calls anywhere in the world!


Sadly, Skype doesn’t work with Samsung Galaxy S phones due to some bugs which should be ironed out in an update soon.

You’ll need at least Android 2.1 to download and install Skype. Just head on over to on your Android phone to download it.

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