Canada condemns Apple’s “AirDrop to Everyone” changes aiding Chinese government

The release of the iOS 16.1.1 update features a new limitation on the AirDrop to “Everyone” option in China. The House of Commons in Canada’s parliament has spoken against the 10-minute restriction on AirDrop to Everyone that rolled out in China to allegedly handicap anti-government protests. House has condemned the company for helping the Chinese gov and changing how AirDrop works in iOS.

AirDrop is Apple’s wireless data-sharing service that allows users to send photos, videos, locations, websites, and more to other nearby Apple devices. The feature uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to transfer encrypted data for security and users can choose to send data to their contacts only or to Everyone.

iOS 16.1.1- Apple AirDrop China

HOC sides with Chinese protestors and says Apple’s new restriction impacts their rights

The motion disapproves the latest AirDrop change that was made quietly to disadvantage the anti-government protesters in China who have been using the feature in their fight for their basic human rights and freedom of speech.

Protesters in China who are fighting for basic human rights and freedoms have been using an Airdrop feature on iPhones to avoid government censors, Apple has announced its decision to disable that feature solely for phones in China, such a move will make it more difficult for the protesters to avoid the authoritarian restrictions on communications, other tech giants like Google have long collaborated with the Chinese regime in its policies to control online content and communication, the House, therefore, condemn the decision by Apple and other tech giants for their complicity in the crackdown against peaceful protesters in China.

However, the report does not get all the facts correct. Although Apple had bowed to the Chinese government’s requests in the past, it is unclear if the changes were made at the Chinese government’s behest or not. The feature is now being released worldwide, not just in China.

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