Get cell phone holder for car for $12.40 only with this deal

The most suitable way to use a smartphone while driving is to place it in a cell phone holder for car. Luckily Qifutan offers a high-quality phone mount (long arm dashboard and windshield car phone holder) with strong suction on Amazon for an incredibly pocket-friendly price, compatible with all iPhone and Android models. 

cell phone holder for car

Avail 35% discount on cell phone holder for car compatible with the latest iPhone and Android models 

Made with aluminum, the Qifutan cell phone car mount features a 6.2-inch long gooseneck that can bend in every direction for you to comfortably use your smartphone when secure in the holder. Its strong suction cup with a layer of super sticky gel, a locking lever, allows you to firmly mount it on the windshield and not offer an anti-shake experience. 

Buy: Qifutan cell phone holder for car for $12.40. Originally 18.99. (35% off)

cell phone holder for car

The car mount is compatible with all iPhone and Android smartphones with 4.7-inch width and iPhone 13 like thickness. You can easily secure the phone in the holder by pressing the back edge and taking it out by pressing the button on the lower back of the holder. As the mount is padded with soft silicone pads, it keeps your smartphone scratch-free. 

cell phone holder for car

It must be kept in mind that Qifutan cell phone holder for car requires enough flat surface to make the adhesive attach properly, it is not recommended to be used on the extra dashboard pad for windshield mounting and extra dashboard pad should only be used when the suction cap can not attach on the surface closely.

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