*chirp updated and renamed to blu

*chirp just got updated and renamed to blu. TinyURL integration is available in the new version. Just paste in the URL and it’ll convert into a TinyURL. It’s really that simple. The performance also seems noticeably faster in blu than chirp. chirp used to hog around 110 MB of memory for me, where as blu just uses 36 MB.

Blu TinyURLKeyboard integration is also available now. You can use up and down ( or Page Up/Down ) keys to scroll through tweets, press ‘u’ to bring up the Update tweet panel, or press ‘Escape’ to close it. Selected tweet on the timeline now gets a blue highlight around it. Spell check is also there now.

A great update overall and must have upgrade. You’ll have to go to the thirteen23 website to download and use the new version. blu (2)

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