CloudBerry Explorer for Azure Blob Storage Beta arriving soon

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CloudBerry Explorer for Azure Blob Storage Beta is expected to arrive soon. Those interested can sign up for the beta on the CloudBerry page. CloudBerry Explorer helps you to manage your files in Microsoft Azure Blob Storage easily providing you a familiar Windows Explorer like interface.

CloudBerry Explorer Features for Azure Blob Storage

CloudBerry Explorer provides a lot of features. Some of them are:

  • Register and connect to any number of Microsoft Azure Blob Storage accounts
  • Work with any number of Microsoft Azure Blob Storage accounts simultaneously
  • Create, browse, and delete Microsoft Azure Blob Storage files
  • Create, browse, and delete folders
  • Copy and move files between Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and your local computer
  • Manage containers and blobs
  • Create Blob containers
  • List blob containers
  • View blob containers metadata
  • Update blob container metadata

CrackBerry System Requirements

  • A machine running Windows XP/2003/Vista
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage account

Sign up for CloudBerry Explorer for Azure Blob Storage Beta right here


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  1. Microsoft has sunk to a new low . . . using “trial traps” . . . yes one must contact customer support to cancel a trial. There’s plenty of opportunity to sign up for more services but they make it very hard to cancel. I called Microsoft support . . . all the options for Azure support were available EXCEPT the one to cancel . . . it says they are CLOSED! I’m just going to tell my cedit card company to charge back all Microsoft fees and move on to open source . . . there’s plenty of free software out there that works suffciently well given the cost. Azure is lack luster to say the least and high priced given the limited services. BTW: I was a devoted Microsoft customer for 15 years . . . I’m also a MCSE . . . but I’m giving up on Microsoft because they really are indifferent, at best, to the impact they have on customers.

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