Cubie Adventure is a cute and addictive endless running game

Cubie Adventure is cute game for iOS and Android which is addictive and extremely simple to play. If you loved the simplicity of games like Temple Run, you will love Cubie Adventure’s one-tap control mechanism.

The game has adorable and colorful characters called ‘Cubies’ and ‘Cupets’, which can be dressed up with different cute accessories. The objective of the game is to race on the tricky terrain while avoiding obstacles, traps and foes. You can make friends to unlock special and unique bonus effects. Cupets that follow your avatar provide great encouragement to keep on unlocking characters and collecting in-game currency.

Cubie Adventure 6

The game has very captivating visuals and provides a lot of different stages for non-stop and exciting gameplay.

Cubie Adventure 5

Another cool element of the game is that you can race against others and assess your skills. There are 9 racing maps for you to play on, and there are leaderboards where you can race to reach the top.

Boss battles are also a big part of the game and there are plenty of them to defeat. Among other gaming modes, there is a mode called ‘Crazy Mode’ in which you have different challenges to complete. The Crazy Mode certainly lives up to its name since the game is so fast-paced. The challenges in this mode make it even more frantic, as there is little room for mistakes, but that is what makes the game so addicting.

Cubie Adventure 3

Cubie Adventure 4

Cubie Adventure is available for free for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. There are some optional in-app purchases however the game does not have any annoying ads. If you are looking for a quick and fun game to play on the go, give this one a try.

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