A lucky customer receives new 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro before the expected street date, 21 May

Due to the large volume of the new 12.9-inch M1-based iPad Pro orders, the expected arrival of the new tablet falls after May 21. But, a few fortunate customers have received confirmation that their device is en route and a very lucky customer even got his M1 iPad Pro early.

The next-generation M1 iPad Pro models come with ultra-fast 5G connectivity, Liquid Retina XDR display, enhanced performance, and more. The advanced mini-LED display technology delivers improved contrast, higher brightness levels, and more to enhance the creative process.

12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro arrives early

A customer receives the new 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro earlier

In a Reddit post on Saturday, user PeterDragon50 posted photos of an M1 iPad Pro that he had picked up from the store. The user was informed by retailer Nebraska Furniture Mart that their iPad Pro was available for pick-up. Apple has not yet officially put the product in the hands of customers, but it is highly probable that the order was somehow mistakenly fulfilled far earlier than we had expected or Apple desired.

Another user, EddieBombay also claimed in the thread that they have received their M1 iPad Pro early as well. As we are still waiting for official reviews of the 12.9-inch M1-powered iPad Pro, this is the closest look we have gotten so far.

M1 iPad Pro

User PeterDragon50 posted benchmarking scores that showed that the new-gen iPad Pro performs significantly better and faster than last year’s model. The user also posted two new videos showcasing his M1 iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro panel uses 10,000 mini-LEDs, which offer much greater control of localized backlighting, allowing higher brightness and deeper blacks. The combination boosts the contrast ratio and uses less power.

Customers who placed their pre-orders on April 30 for the new iPad Pro may have noticed that their order status has switched to Shipping rather than Preparing to Ship. Though Apple still has not announced a firm date for the arrival of the new product other than “second half of May”, or a street date of 21 May.

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