[Fake Carrier Lets You Change Your iPhone Carrier Name & Some More!

‘Fake Carrier’ is a new tweak available for jailbroken iPhone on Cydia Store. As the name suggests it lets you fake or simply put, change your carrier name to anything you like. You can write your own name to personalize your iPhone or may be an alias you like to be called with or simply another carrier name with one single step. All you need to do is to download and install the Fake Carrier on your iPhone and everything else is self explanatory.


As an added plus, the tweak also lets you put some text in place of the status bar time string which you may use to simply put a fake time that might come handy while taking screen shots etc. on your iPhone. Fake Carrier also gives you an easy toggle to show battery level / percentage in the status bar.

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Once the tweak is installed, an icon for ‘Fake Carrier’ would appear on your spring board. Open it up and you are presented with three options: Fake carrier, Fake Time and Show battery level (percentage). Tap either of them and you’ll have an empty field to insert your desired value. Once done, just tap set and thats it. To revert back to the default valiue, just tap Reset, simple!

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The best thing about ‘Fake Carrier’ is that it is available for FREE on Cydia Store via the BigBoss repo. So grab one for yourself and let us know what changes / additions would u like in this simple yet handy tweak in the comments section below!

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