Cydia Tweak: SilenceNow Automatically Mutes Your iPhone’s Ringer When You Pick It Up!

SilenceNow is a new Cydia tweak which is simple yet quite handy in certain situations. What it does is it automatically mutes your iPhone‘s ringer the moment you pick it up. It saves you from having to fumble around and hit the volume button to silence your ringing iPhone before actually answering the phone call. You will be amazed at the ease of use and social benefits of an automatic ring silencer. No more dirty looks from people around you as your phone rings over and over at awkward times.


SilenceNow is also smart enough to know when you iPhone is in your pocket not to silence it while you’re walking or running. So, no worries about false silences! Once downloaded and installed, you can enable it via the iPhone’s settings menu.


You can download SilenceNow for $2.99 from Cydia store via the BigBoss repo.

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