PSA: You can not delete Threads profile without deleting Instagram account

Meta launched a new Instagram text-based conversation app, Threads on July 6. In just a few hours, the app has gained 30 million users.

It is very easy to get started, users only need to download the app on their mobile and sign in quickly through their Instagram account. However, there is a catch. You can not delete your Threads profile without deleting your Instagram account if you decide it is not for you.

Instagram - Threads app

The concept behind the new app was to give Instagram users a new platform where they express themselves with text and share links, photos, and videos like Twitter.

As Threads is integrated with Instagram, users’ names, followers, and verification carry over to the new app when they log in with their Instagram account. It also allows users to easily find and follow the same people or accounts they do on Instagram and share their Threads posts to their Stories and share their links on other apps.

Instagram - Threads app

Maybe it’s wise to create a secondary Instagram account for Threads

Like Instagram, the new text-based app also offers safety features for users to restrict hateful, abusive, offensive, or other inappropriate content like controlling who can mention or reply to them, adding hidden words to filter out replies, and unfollowing, blocking, restricting, or reporting a profile. 

However, Instagram has made it difficult to remove your presence from the platform if you find that Threads is not like Twitter and you want to digital footprint by deleting it.

Twitter user @Emily Hughes found that although it is easy to create a Threads profile, it is not easy to delete it. In the app’s instructions on deactivating the profile, it is stated that they will have to delete their Instagram account as well.

“You can always delete individual posts. To delete your Threads profile and data, you’ll need to delete your Instagram account.”

Threads profile -delete process

Therefore, we advise you to create a secondary Instagram account to log in to the new app if you want to try it out and also want to preserve your legacy Instagram account in case you do not want to continue on the app. 

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