Download iOS 4.3.2 For iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, 3G, iPad 1 & 2 [Direct Links]

Apple has just released iOS 4.3.2 and is now available for download to general public. As previously reported about iOS 4.3.2, it should fix FaceTime issues and some Verizon iPad 2 connectivity problems. The latest update has been rolled out for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G / 3G, iPad 1 & 2. There aren’t much details yet as to what else is new though if you rely on a jailbreak / unlock solution, please stay away from iOS 4.3.2 update until iPhone- Dev Team confirms either @i0nic’s untethered exploit has been patched or not.


For those who’d like to upgrade and don’t really care about the jailbreak, here are the direct links to download iOS 4.3.2:

iPhone 4 (iPhone3,1_4.3.2_8H7_Restore.ipsw)

iPhone 3GS (iPhone2,1_4.3.2_8H7_Restore.ipsw)

iPod Touch 4G (iPod4,1_4.3.2_8H7_Restore.ipsw)

iPod Touch 3G (iPod3,1_4.3.2_8H7_Restore.ipsw)

iPad 1 (iPad1,1_4.3.2_8H7_Restore.ipsw)

iPad 2,1 (iPad2,1_4.3.2_8H7_Restore.ipsw)

iPad 2,2 (iPad2,2_4.3.2_8H7_Restore.ipsw)

iPad 2,3 (iPad2,3_4.3.2_8H8_Restore.ipsw)

We’ll update you soon as we have more info on iOS 4.3.2 jailbreak / untethered status from the Dev team. Stay tuned!

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