Epic and Apple were working on ‘Fortnite Club’ bundle with Apple Music and Apple TV+

Since the landmark Epic vs. Apple antitrust case has begun, the filed documents are revealing interesting information. A Fortnite leaker, Jeay Oficial has shared images of a bundle offer by two companies when the relationship between them was cordial. Titled the Fortnite Club, the alleged bundle offer included Fortnite Crew, Apple TV+, and Music for $20 per month.

Currently, Apple Music $9.99, TV+ costs $4.99 and Fortnite Crew costs $11.99. So, with the alleged bundle offer, users would have saved up to $6.97 per month.

Fortnite Club- Apple Music/TV+

Fortnite Club with Apple Music and TV+ bundle would have saved up to $5 per month

As per the images shared on Twitter by @Jeay Oficial, the subscription fee would have been distributed in two different ways, depending on the platform used to sign-up. If users had signed up via Apple, then the Cupertino tech giant would have been entitled to $14.89 monthly and Epic $5.02. If users signed up via Fortnite and other Epic channels, then the developer would have gotten $11.99 and Apple $8.0.

This way each partner gets their full baseline revenue from internal signups, plus incremental from other partner’s signups. Mitigates risk of downside from people who would otherwise pay both.

The plan was to offer the bundle globally as a limited-time deal with the possibility of extension. Epic’s goal was to hit 300,000 Fornite Club subscribers with the help of Apple support for promotion on both in-game and at the subscription level.

Leaker does not share additional information like the timeframe of this alleged bundle. Since the bundle includes Apple TV+ service, it has to be planned between November 2019 when the service was launched, and August 2020 when Epic and Apple’s relationship went sour.

In September 2020, the iPhone maker announced Apple One services bundles which are now available in over 100 countries. The three tiers include various Apple services for a discounted price. Bundles are especially good for people already in Apple’s ecosystem.


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