Fortnite x Invincible collaboration is out featuring Omni-Man, Invincible, and Atom Eve

The highly anticipated Invincible x Fortnite collaboration is finally here. This collaboration brings three iconic characters from the Invincible comic book series and animated television show to the Fortnite universe: Omni-Man, Invincible, and Atom Eve.

Fortnite x Invincible: Prepare for an invincible invasion

Invincible x Fortnite: A match made in superhero heaven

The world of video games and comic books collided epically with the release of the Invincible x Fortnite collaboration. This highly anticipated collaboration brings the world of Invincible to Fortnite, allowing players to experience the action-packed heroics of the popular comic book series firsthand.

Players can now purchase these characters as skins in the Item Shop, along with other themed cosmetics like back blings, pickaxes, and emotes. There are also Invincible-themed challenges that players can complete to earn rewards.

The skins

The collaboration includes three skins, one for each of the main characters from Invincible: Omni-Man, Invincible, and Atom Eve. The skins are all incredibly detailed and well-designed, capturing the essence of the characters perfectly. Omni-Man’s skin is particularly impressive, with its imposing physique and menacing red and white suit.

The Cosmetics

Apart from the skins, the collaboration also features several other cosmetic items, such as pickaxes, back bling, and emotes. The pickaxes are all modeled after the characters’ weapons, and the back bling is inspired by the show’s theme. The emotes are a lot of fun and enable players to perform some of the character’s iconic moves.

What devices you can play the Invincible x Fortnite

The collaboration is available on all major gaming platforms, including:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac through browser GeForce
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Android

In addition to these devices, you can also play Invincible x Fortnite on the GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. You can play games that would normally require a high-end gaming PC on a computer with less powerful hardware, including Macs, Chromebooks, and PCs with integrated graphics.

This collaboration can be experienced on any platform, including home consoles, PCs, and Android mobile phones.

The Overall Experience

This collaboration is sure to be a hit with fans of both Invincible and Fortnite. It’s a great way to experience the world of Invincible in a whole new way.

So what are you waiting for? Jump into Fortnite today and experience the Invincible collaboration for yourself!

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