Genshin Impact’s Clorinde: A sneak peek into her complete kit

According to leaks, Clorinde is a new 5-star Electro character coming in Genshin Impact version 4.7. Her kit seems to revolve around a mechanic called Bond of Life, which influences her damage output and abilities.


Here’s a breakdown of what we know so far, keeping in mind this is all based on leaks and could change before release:


Clorinde wields the power of Electro and fights with a trusty sword. Leaks suggest she’ll be a main DPS powerhouse, similar to some of your favorite lightning-wielding characters like Alhaitham and Keqing. But what truly sets her apart is a unique mechanic called the Bond of Life.


The Bond of Life:

This intriguing mechanic seems to be the heart of Clorinde’s gameplay. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Hunt of the Dark (Elemental Skill):
    • This skill has two effects depending on Clorinde’s Bond of Life. When her Bond of Life is high (above 100% Max HP), she unleashes a powerful pistol shot. If it’s low, she performs a lunging attack that deals AoE damage and heals her based on the Bond of Life amount. Additionally, her pistol shots can trigger periodic Electro damage on enemies.
  • Last Nightfall (Elemental Burst):
    • This burst increases Clorinde’s Bond of Life and then unleashes a devastating AoE Electro attack after an evasion maneuver.

Passive talents and playstyle hints:

Leaks also reveal some of Clorinde’s passive talents, further hinting at her playstyle:

  • Dark Shattering Flame: This passive increases the damage of both her Normal and Burst Attacks based on her Attack stat.
  • Lawful Remuneration: This passive seems to boost Clorinde’s Crit Rate whenever her Bond of Life fluctuates, but only when it’s above 100% Max HP.
  • Night Watcher’s Yield (details not fully leaked yet): We’ll have to wait for further leaks to understand the full potential of this passive.

Based on these leaks, Clorinde appears to be a character who thrives on maintaining a high Bond of Life. This could involve specific team compositions and artifact builds to maximize her damage output.

Additionally, leaks suggest she might have great synergy with Dendro characters, opening up exciting new team-building possibilities.

Remember, this information is based on leaks, and miHoYo (the developer) could make changes to Clorinde’s kit before her official release. However, these leaks offer a fascinating glimpse into what could be a powerful and unique Electro addition to your Genshin Impact roster.

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