George Hotz (geohot) Jumping to Windows Phone 7?

George Hotz, the man who unlocked the iPhone in 2007, released iDevice jailbreaks Blackra1n and Limera1n, and who is being sued by Sony for jailbreaking the PlayStation 3, may be jumping platforms yet again. On George’s website,, he posted:

perhaps a more appropriate way to deal with jailbreakers
I’m going out to buy a Windows 7 phone

Microsoft, as with previous WP7 jailbreakers, seems eager to welcome geohot to the WP7 community. Brandon Watson, WP7 dev experience director, offered to send Hotz a free WP7. As for what will come of this move, only the future will tell. Personally, I think Microsoft is taking a step in the right direction in welcoming and working with jailbreakers and independent devs. What do you think? Is Microsoft making the right move? Post a comment below with your thoughts!


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I am a technology enthusiast who's first major computer experience was with hacking the Sony PSP. I am an Apple Dev, and I'm currently studying Computer Programming and 3D Animation.

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