Get@ app helps users explore, discover and collect content on iOS

Get@ is a new app for iOS which lets users discover and form collections of their favorite apps, websites, videos, movies and much more. Users can then search for content from these sources either by username or surface and share them with their friends and on social media.

How does Get@ fare when compared to other collection creating apps like Pinterest? Read our review of the app to find out.

Getting Started

  • The app opens with a detailed sign-in process. After choosing a username and password, the app asks for your phone number to send you a verification code via Digits by Twitter, which has to be input into the app.

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  • This is followed up with a helpful tutorial to get you started with the app’s features.


The app has a user-friendly interface and the simple layout of the home screen is divided into three sections. A carousel of ‘Features Collection’ at the top, a browser bar, and account access features in the middle and a wide variety of tags are available at the bottom.

  • Features collection: displays selective public collections of other users. Tap on a collection, to inspect the content.
  • Account: tap on the hamburger menu icon to access profile, collection, and other features.
  • Discover: search for content either by typing user/surface name or by selecting a tag.

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Searching, forming collections and Sharing

  • Look for specific surface or user by typing their names or discover content by tags. Here, surface refers to brands like Home Depot, and Prada. User refers to the registered audience of the app. Tags refers to different genres like Music, and Food.
  • A number of content based collections are displayed at the top of the home screen. Tap on a collection, to view the content made public by users.
  • You can follow users if you like their collection.
  • Tap on the ‘+’ icon to create and name folders. Then add things to form your own collections.
  • Keep a collection private by turning ‘set to private’ on and make it public by turning it off.

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  • You can share users’ and your own collections on different social platforms, as long as they are public.

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Get@ is designed as a gateway between you and web browsing on your iOS devices and it surely does a good job. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Introductory tutorials help users understand the functionality of the app.  Users can quickly connect to websites and search providers. Users can also be active members of Get@ community by following users, sharing, and adding their own collections.

However, until you are completely familiar with getting your way around things in the app, some features will seem complicated and confusing. For example, you can’t go to the home screen directly from a web page. You will first have to go the search bar by tapping on ‘@’ , then open account to select the option to get to the home screen. Other than that, there are no functionality glitches and runs smoothly.

Since it’s a free app, it’s worth a try.

Get@ is available on the App Store for free. It requires iOS 8.3 and later, and is compatible with iPhone, and iPod touch. An iPad version is not available yet. The app is ad-free and there are no in-app purchases.

Download Get@ from App Store

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