Google Introduces New Gmail Lab Features


When Google started its Gmail lab features, it had around 13 features but with time, the number actually grew to around 60 amazing Gmail Lab features that can make anyone shift to gmail from other email services. Gmail has recently introduced new Gmail Lab features and removed some old features that were outdated and not used by many Gmail users.

The new features include:

  1. Search Autocomplete
  2. Go To Label
  3. Forgotten Attachment Detector
  4. YouTube Previews
  5. Custom Label Colors
  6. Vacation Dates

1. Search AutoComplete and Go To Label:

This is a very nice feature introduced by  Google which suggests you terms and names you are looking for when you type anything in the search field.


2. Forgotten Attachment Detector:

Sometimes we do forget that we had to attach some file in an email. When you compose an email, Gmail looks for words and phases in you email and suggests whether you want to attach a file or not.


3. YouTube Previews

This is one of my favourite feature. When you email a YouTube video to any of your friend or someone emails you anything, it will give you the YouTube preview inside Gmail. You dont have to open a the link in the new window to view the video.


4. Custom Label Colors

Choose from a possible color combinations of over 4000 colors to help you organize and distinguish your labels.


5. Vacation Dates

This is another great features introduced by Gmail. If you are on your vacation, you can simple Turn on Automatic Vacation Responder which will reply to your incoming emails with the message you set and send them to different recipients.


I think all the new features launched are excellent and can be very useful.

Other features which were disabled are Muzzle, Fixed Width font, Email addict, Location in Singapore and Random Signature

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