Google Backup and Sync is now available for macOS and Windows

Google has launched its new Backup and Sync utility for macOS and Windows. The utility intends to replace Google Drive and Google Photos desktop uploader apps for Mac and Windows by providing a single solution to keep all your data backed up. Even though the app is not called Google Drive, all data is still going to be synced to the same Google Services in the cloud: Drive and Photos.  Google Backup and Sync

Functionality wise, there is not much new that you can do with the desktop app. Once you install the new app and login, you are provided with options to select the folders to sync to your Drive account. You can also sync photos and videos to Google Photos and chose to either use your Drive storage or the free unlimited storage. The drawback of using free unlimited storage is that it reduces the file size and resolution of your content. But it’s still a great option available for free.

Choose folder - Google Backup and Sync

Backup and Sync intends to provide a two-way sync so the same data that is in Drive and Photos is also available on your computer. While Google puts a greater emphasis on the availability of your data in the cloud, the new app also seems to be a good way of data in sync, across all your devices. You can plugin an SD card from your camera, import its photos and they will automatically sync to the cloud, and across all your devices where you have Google’s apps installed.

Backup and Sync is a lot like iCloud Drive’s desktop and documents sync and iCloud Photo Library combined into one solution. Should you prefer Backup and Sync over iCloud’s solutions if you are an Apple user? The answer lies in which service do you pay for. If you pay for iCloud, the seamless integration across Mac and iOS devices wins hands down. If you do not pay for either service, Backup and Sync seems like a better solution since it provides unlimited free storage for your photos and videos, which Apple’s offerings simply cannot match.

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