Google Chrome Beta For Desktop Now Lets You Access Your Open Tabs On Other Devices


Google introduced this feature in Chrome Beta for Android but have finally brought it to their desktop Chrome browser as well. You can now see your open tabs from other devices. Chrome keeps a history of the open tabs on any device, be it Chrome on your Android phone or tablet Chrome browser on Windows or Mac. If you have to leave your browsing session suddenly, you can always continue it on another device.

This is an amazing feature and once you get used to it, you get the feeling that it should have been there all along. Chrome is my primary browser and in my case, if I’m browsing some open websites on my work computer, I don’t have to worry about bookmarking those tabs in a folder or just try to remember what I was working on at that time – Chrome should take care of that automatically.

Chrome also keeps a history of the back and forward navigation for your various tabs so no information from your browsing session is lost. Your browsing session is seamless across all Chrome supported devices you own and you never have to start over as long as you’re signed in to Chrome. Of course, you should also have the supported Chrome Beta installed to make your browsing session

Google is rolling out this feature gradually over the next week to Chrome Beta users. If you’re using it, don’t forget to give it a try!

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