Chrome OS Flex is now available for old Macs and PCs

Google has launched a new operating system “Chrome OS Flex” on compatible Chromebooks, Windows PCs, and Macs. The new and secure OS is particularly designed for businesses and schools to not only update their existing hardware but also to protect them from cyber ransomware attacks.

Chrome OS Flex

The tech company acquired Neverware in 2020 which enabled it to develop and provide early access to Chrome OS Flex in February this year, a free-to-use cloud-based OS that converts Windows PCs and Macs into Chromebooks. Users can simply download the Chrome OS Flex on a USB drive for free and install it on their computers.

Chrome OS Flex

After testing and improving the OS, it is finally available for all. Google Director of Product, Enterprise and Education, Thomas Riedl wrote:

Thankfully, ChromeOS Flex is just the sunscreen your legacy devices need. And thanks to everyone who has participated in our early access program, we’ve been able to significantly improve the product in many areas while continuously certifying devices to run ChromeOS Flex.

Fast, power efficient, and secure ‘Chrome OS Flex’ is here for legacy devices

Developed primarily for businesses and schools, the new Chrome OS Flex will update users’ existing hardware to reduce their downtime and improve productivity. And inherently, reduces e-waste.

Furthermore, its deployment is fast and its management tools allow users to easily manage their apps and policies from anywhere.

Chrome OS Flex

More importantly, Flex’s strong proactive security protects users’ devices from ransomware, malware, and employee errors like it saved Nordic Choice Hotels, a chain with over 200 hotels across Scandinavia and Baltic countries.

On December 1, 2021, Nordic Choice Hotels was hit by a ransomware attack that shut down its operation throughout Scandinavia. Luckily, the hotel’s management was planning to move to Chrome OS before the attack. Therefore, it quickly switched two thousand Windows PCs, to Chrome OS Flex in less than 48 hours and not only saved their operations, and money but also the environment. Google claims:

By switching to ChromeOS Flex, Nordic Choice Hotels will save up to 1.5 million kilos of CO2 over the next eight years – the equivalent of what 2,000 acres of mature forest would save. It may have taken only a few days to save their business, but the positive environmental effects of ChromeOS Flex will last for years to come.

The new OS is available with a 30-day free trial and is compatible with 295 devices from Acer, Dell, HP, Intel, Apple, and others.

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