Google Maps for CarPlay users are experiencing voice search issues

Users of Google Maps for CarPlay are experiencing an issue with voice search in their vehicles. According to complaints on Reddit, Google Maps for CarPlay appears to be a widespread issue experienced in various vehicles, not related to any particular automobile brand.

Apple offers CarPlay service as a smarter and safer to use iPhone while driving. Available in compatible automobiles’ built-in infotainment systems, CarPlay allows users to make calls, get directions, send and receive texts, play music, download third-party apps, and more. 

Google Maps for carplay

Faulty voice search on Google Maps for CarPlay works after a few failed attempts

Reddit user @tn69c1935 reported that Google Maps voice search was not working properly in CarPlay and it only works again after a few failed attempts.

Any one know why ? I have an honda odyssey 2023 and the google maps voice search only works second time. I don’t think this is car specific as I had the same problem previously with my Honda CRV 2019.

I have an iPhone 14 pro max running 16.1. Not sure if it matters as the same problem used to happen with an older iphone in my CRV. I suspect this is google maps issue as apple maps does not have this issue.

Google Maps for carplay

As per comments on the post, the issue is widespread across multiple automobile brands and is related to Google Maps for CarPlay. 

Have this issue on both my Mercedes C300 and Hyundai SantaFe as well. @chickennuggets2704

Same on my 2019 Camry. It’s just a part of my routine now. Press the microphone. Wait a second. Press it again and speak. @ColtzNut

Other users added that it was a years-old issue.

I’ve been having this issue for well over a year now. On multiple phones and iOS versions. I always blamed iOS but I’m glad I’m not alone in this.

2018 Kia Niro iPhone 13 Pro. @computertek 

Crazy that they have not resolved this in last 4 years. @tn69c1935

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