Google Mobile Homepage Gets a Redesign – Now Features Hidden Services Sidebar

Google Search has always been an amazing tool when it comes to finding answers as quickly as possible. Be it a weather forecast or a stock quote, solving an equation or converting units, we’ve been able to see those answers right away on To further improve user experience for the ever growing number of mobile users, the search engine giant has redesigned its official homepage for mobile visitors.

Now next time you visit from your mobile device, you will find a new interface with service tabs removed which were previously at the top the screen. The top screen only contain links to web and image search along with the Google+ notification area and a drop-down to view your full Google profile. To give users a better experience, Google has included a new hidden sidebar which gives you access to all Google products. To access the hidden sidebar, tap the icon on the left-hand corner of the screen and you will see a slide-out menu giving you access to all Google products like: Google+, Images, Maps, News, Gmail and more. Tapping any of those icons will take you to its mobile version. This hidden menu can only be accessed when you are on the homepage as search result pages don’t include this new hidden menu.

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Screenshot 2012 10 13 18 03 04

Screenshot 2012 10 13 18 03 35 mobile version looks much cleaner now with removed from the top. Google has taken queue from the latest trends on mobile, apps such as Facebook and Path have similar navigation structure as well.

[via Google OS Blog]

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