Google One VPN is now available for iPhone and iPad

Google One VPN is now available for subscribers on iPhone and iPad. The service had been available for Android users for some time and was only available for iOS users via Google Fi, however, it has finally been made available to all iPhone and iPad users now.

The VPN service in Google One is available to users in just 18 countries and helps them stay secure and keep their Internet data private. However, it is not the cheapest VPN service that you can get.

VPN by Google One

VPN by Google One is now available for iOS users for $9.99 per month

Google One is the company’s subscription bundle which provides shockingly little value apart from increased storage space and backups, which are considered basic parts of other subscriptions like Apple One. Other subscriptions like YouTube Premium and YouTube TV are not part of the Google One bundle.

Although Google One plans start from $1.99 per month, users must be on the 2 TB plan which costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. The VPN service will allow users to hide their IP address, stream and download content on an encrypted and private connection, and protect their data on public Wi-Fi networks.

Compared to this VPN plan, Apple’s Private Cloud Relay is available to all iCloud+ users, which means that all paying customers get protection for their data. However, even though it helps hide your IP address, Private Cloud Relay is not exactly a VPN and cannot be used to spoof one’s location to appear in another country.

While the VPN by Google One seems enticing, it is pretty expensive compared to offerings by services like NordVPN. Even without a discounted plan, NordVPN costs much less and allows users to select from a large number of countries to connect to a VPN. The service is also cross-platform and available on mobile, tablets, desktop computers, and even via browser extensions.

In the end, if you are primarily looking to get Google One for its upgraded storage tiers and improved support, it makes more sense than getting the subscription for its VPN offering alone.

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