Hints of iWork coming to the iPhone

Earlier this month a screenshot showed that iPhone will have ability with iOS 4 to open attachments in external applications. Also when iPhone 4 was unveiled at WWDC a slide showed an option to send something to iWork and that slide was quickly replaced.


Now, something new was discovered from Apple’s website by Macrumors that again shows that Apple may release iWork for iPhone. This thing was shown on many international  online stores of Apple which includes Canada , UK and Australia. This information showed up when somebody was looking to order unlocked iPhone and when they clicked “learn more” on the AppleCare offerings. One of topics shown their was:

“Using iWork for iPhone and other Apple branded iPhone apps.”

This page was soon replaced with another one, thats why you can’t see it now. iWork has already been released for the iPad and that’s why it looks like it will be available on other iDevices soon, just like the iBooks app which was first only released for the iPad.
[via macrumors]

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