HomeKit in iOS 18: Guest access, Express Mode, robot vacuum support and more

Don’t let the WWDC 2024 buzz fool you! While the headlines may have focused elsewhere, Apple’s been quietly brewing a storm for your smart home. iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia bring a wave of exciting upgrades to HomeKit and the Home app, empowering you to take full control of your connected space.

Some of the features include granular guest access for enhanced security, seamless door unlocking with Express Mode, and long-awaited support for robot vacuums within the Home app itself.


HomeKit and the Home app are receiving a substantial boost in functionality with the upcoming iOS 18 update. Customize Access is a standout feature, allowing users to finely manage access to their HomeKit devices. With this feature, users can create guest schedules and specific access permissions for devices like garage openers, alarm systems, and door locks. This level of control enhances both security and convenience, giving users peace of mind when granting access to their homes.

HomeKit iOS 18

Express Mode represents another significant advancement in iOS 18’s capabilities. This feature enables seamless unlocking of doors as users approach, eliminating the need to manually interact with the lock. By leveraging Ultra Wideband technology, compatible devices can detect the user’s proximity and unlock automatically, enhancing convenience and streamlining access to the home.

HomeKit Express Mode iOS 18

One of the most eagerly anticipated additions to the Home app is support for robot vacuum cleaners. With iOS 18, users can now control essential functions of their robot vacuums directly from the Home app. This includes power control, cleaning modes, and status monitoring. Additionally, robot vacuums can be integrated into automations and scenes, allowing for more seamless integration into daily routines.

Another exciting feature coming to the Home app is electricity usage integration. While initially available to select Pacific Gas and Electric Company users in the United States, this feature promises to revolutionize energy management in smart homes. Users can monitor their home’s electricity usage directly from the Home app, providing valuable insights for optimizing energy consumption and reducing utility costs.

electricity usage homekit

In addition to these feature enhancements, iOS 18 brings significant improvements to the Control Center. The revamped Music widget and HomeKit controls offer a fresh user experience, making it easier than ever to control smart home devices directly from the iPhone’s drop-down menu.

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