HomePod software version 15 released with Siri improvements and bass level customization

Apple has released HomePod software version 15 for the original HomePod and current HomePod mini. The new update features the ability to set up HomePod mini as default speakers for Apple TV 4K, bass level customization, as well as multiple updates for Siri for Apple TV and smart device control. This update does not feature support for Lossless and Spatial Audio, which was in testing during the betas but disabled later on. 

HomePod software version 15

What’s new in HomePod software version 15?

Here are the official release notes from Apple for HomePod software version 15:

  • Select a single or pair of HomePod mini as the default speakers for your Apple TV 4k for rich room-filling sound and clear dialogue
  • Media playback controls automatically appear on your iPhone’s Lock Screen when a HomePod mini
  • playing music is nearby
  • Set a lower bass level to enjoy music without disturbing the neighbors
  • Ask Siri to turn on your Apple TV, start playing a favorite movie, and control playback while you watch
  • Siri automatically adjusts its speaking level based on the room environment and volume of the user
  • Ask Siri to control smart home devices at a specific time like turning off the lights in 10 minutes
  • Extend access to HomePod throughout your home by enabling Siri voice control on compatible HomeKit accessories
  • Support for package detection with HomeKit Secure Video

HomePod software version 15 is available for older HomePod models (which have been discontinued), as well as the currently available HomePod mini models. 

How to update HomePod?

To update HomePod, make sure that your iPhone, iPad, or Mac is already up to date. Next, open the Home app and go to Home Settings > Software Update. Select HomePod, and wait for the next update to appear. Tap on Update once it shows up. 

During the update process, your HomePod will show a white spinning light. It will stop once the update is complete, so make sure that you do not disconnect your HomePod or your connected device during this process.

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