How to add donation stickers on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok

Recently, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat have rolled out donation stickers to help raise funds for non-profit organizations helping people in need. Let’s take a look at what are these new stickers and how they can be accessed.

As the pandemic continues, it is increasing financial difficulties for many people worldwide due to nationwide lockdowns in many countries. Fortunately, popular social media platforms are working restlessly to help in spreading awareness, downranking misinformation, and more importantly, raising funds for the needy.

Donation Stickers for Instagram Stories

In March, Instagram added a COVID-19 relief funds section to donate using donation stickers on Instagram Stories. The company has started to expand this feature in more countries, and in turn, expanding the scope of fundraising via the platform.

As of now, the donations section features organizations like UNICEF USA, CDC Foundation, and the United Nations Foundation. Users can also find and donate to other organizations contributing to the effort.

  1. Start by making a video or taking a photo for your Story.
  2. Once done, tap on the sticker icon and pick a donation sticker. Select a non-profit organization from the COVID-19 section.
  3. In case you prefer to donate to some other organization, search for them.Donation Stickers 1
  4. Once you select a charity, you can change the color of the sticker by tapping on the color wheel, and also change the title by tapping on the sticker.
  5. Publish the story and the sticker will direct story viewers to an Instagram link where they can easily donate money to the specified non-profit organization.

Donation Stickers for Snapchat

Snapchat recently rolled out an AR filter to spread awareness of WHO’s Solidarity Response Fund. The fund will support organizations in their efforts which analyze the spread of the virus, get supplies, support patients, provide supplies to frontline workers, and accelerate vaccination and treatment development.

Donation Stickers 2

To access this new AR filter, tap on the smiley face camera icon. Select the filter with the earth icon, and layout a dollar bill. The filter will scan up to 33 currency notes and then visualize an area of need to which the donation will offer relief. You can also tap “more” to donate and encourage friends to do the same by putting up a story with the filter.

Donation stickers for TikTok

TikTok has also rolled out stickers to fund non-profit organizations working to benefit workers and patients affected by COVID-19. Users can apply these stickers in videos and live streams. So when a viewer will tap on the donation sticker, a window will pop up which will enable them to make a donation without leaving the app.

Donation Stickers 3

The social network has partnered with CDC, JBF, Meals on Wheels, and others. Earlier this month, TikTok had pledged $250 million for COVID-19 relief and donated medical equipment worth millions to the cause.

The world is currently facing a crisis like never before. It is important for everyone to donate to ensure that all patients receive the care that they need, all front liners are equipped with the best possible medical gear, and the research and development for vaccines and treatments continue uninterrupted. Furthermore, it is also important to support undeveloped communities. You may also support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund by donating to the Facebook Fundraiser and through Google donations.

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