iPhone SE Battery Replacement & Service Costs [2020 model]

How much does an iPhone SE battery replacement or service cost? Here is everything you need to know about the costs, process, and time it takes to service an iPhone SE battery.

A few days ago Apple launched the second-generation iPhone SE and it is getting tons of praises for its technology, functionality, performance, and price. It is the company’s lowest costing iPhone, retailing for $399, with a combination of iPhone 8 and iPhone 11’s components.

iPhone SE Battery Replacement

iPhone SE Battery Replacement Cost

The replacement cost of devices under warranty and without warranty vary. Apple provides free repair if the device is covered under its own AppleCare+ program, or third party warranty coverage from service carriers.

  • iPhone SE battery replacement, if under warranty or AppleCare+ plan, will be done without any charge for $0.
  • After the warranty period ends, the battery replacement cost will be $49.

iPhone SE battery

For phones without warranty, Apple will charge an additional shipping fee of $6.95, if the device needs to be shipped to an Apple repair center. Replacement pricing by Apple authorized service providers may vary.

If the device has a broken screen or other hardware damage which impairs battery replacement, it will be fixed first for its respective pricing.

iPhone SE 2020 Battery Repair options

Customers have two options to get their device repaired; send it in or bring it in. In both cases, customers will have to make an appointment with Apple support or their service carrier during business hours.

  • For people running short on time to go to an Apple store, they can opt for the mailing option. Apple will send them a box to ship the iPhone in, to their repair center for battery replacement. This process will take 3 to 5 business days to get the device back.
  • For a quick fix, customers can take their iPhone SE to an Apple Store or an authorized service center for replacement. If the issue is minor and simply requires battery replacement, iPhone SE battery replacement should not take too long. However, if the issue is complex and can not be resolved in store, then the device will be sent to an Apple repair center with 3 to 5 business days repair or replacement time.

iPhone SE battery replacement might be cheaper from third-party sources, however, we recommend precaution when it comes to batteries. If replacement is not done via a reliable source with good quality components, it can be dangerous to use.

Data protection

Customers are advised to back up data on iCloud before sending or bringing their iPhone SE for battery replacement. If need be, they should also have their Apple ID password ready to erase the phone’s content before repair.

iPhone SE 2 reviews call it worth its money, so if you wish to purchase one, read our round up of the second-generation iPhone SE reviews to make an informed decision.

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